What is impounded car insurance?

Impounded car insurance is a specialist insurance product designed for motorists whose cars have been seized by the police, since the driver was uninsured. It is sold by specialist impounded car insurers. Under these circumstances most conventional insurance companies will not offer insurance cover, which often results in the owner been able to recover the car from the impound.

This means that it is eventually sold by the police or crushed up for scrap. If this happens, the only get no compensation at all, and may even be left with outstanding higher purchase commitments on a vehicle that no longer exists!

To get your car back you will need to produce:

1) Proof of ownership.
2) Your full driving licence.
3) An MOT certificate – or proof of a test appointment of the date of collection.
4) A current insurance certificate. 5) Proof of your address – a current utility bill is usually required.
6) Sufficient cash to pay the impound fees – credit card payments or cheques are not normally accepted.

What does it cost to get the car out of a pound?

Firstly, there will be a fee for the removal of your vehicle to the pound. This is typically £200.

Secondly, there will be a Penalty Charge Notice fee, which will depend upon exactly why the car was seized. This varies from an absolute minimum of £30 to a maximum of £60.

Thirdly, there will be stowage charge of approximately £40 per day.

If the car is not collected within 14 days of seizure, it may be disposed of by the police but you may still be liable to pay the above fees.

How long do I have to insure it for?

There is a legal requirements for the car to be insured for a minimum of 30 days. This means that conventional short term car insurance, which can cover a car for up to 28 days, will not be acceptable.

What type of impounded car insurance is available?

There are 30 day policies available, which are third-party only. This gives you the chance to get your vehicle home and then you can apply for a yearly policy in the normal way. Do bear in mind that you will have to inform your insurer if you are facing a prosecution for driving without insurance; some insurers may refuse cover in this case, and you may find it better to go to a broker who specialises in finding cover for those with convictions, rather than via a price comparison site.