Spray your wheels to match your vinyl wrap

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Designer Wraps has just raised the bar when it comes to vehicle customisation. Spraying your wheels to match your vinyl wrap is now made easy!

The goal of Designer Wraps has always been about affordably and stylishly transforming your pride and joy from the ordinary into the extraordinary. Like us, you probably think factory is boring and lacks that personal touch.

In the battle against boring, Designer Wraps Premium and Standard ranges of adhesive-backed vinyls have been the hero products. To further bolster the arsenal, let us introduce the latest recruit, Designer Wraps Spray!

Available from all good automotive retailers, the peel-off, rubber-like Designer Wraps Spray is perfect for tackling difficult missions like wheels, side mirrors, badges and other hard-to-wrap pieces. Designer Wraps Spray comes in four matte colours (black, white, orange and red), plus metallic gold and metallic dark grey. The colour range has been specially developed to match Designer Wraps Standard vinyls.

Designer Wraps Spray is amazingly easy to use and apply, lays down silky smooth and offers excellent coverage. Better still, when it comes time to change the look, it simply peels off leaving a residue-free finish with no staining.

This Nissan S15 Silvia already featured satin black and orange Designer Wraps treatment on the bonnet and rear boot spoiler. However it needed some love down each of the sides. The first skirmish saw the addition of Designer Wraps Standard matte orange accent stripes down each flank, followed by colour coding of the wheels with Designer Wraps Spray.

The finished machine took centre stage on the Designer Wraps stand at Meguiar’s MotorEx Sydney 2015, where it received awesome feedback from hundreds of punters. Here’s how easy it is to give your ride a totally unique feel with a wrap job that would make Eminem jealous.

This feature is only showing two colours from the extensive Designer Wrap’s range. For a full rundown on the range, log onto designerwraps.com.au.



STEP 01) We suggest sketching a few ideas on paper first, as doing so can save a lot of headaches down the track. What you think looks good in your head may not look so good in real life. Take a few photos and get creative with some Textas!

STEP 02) With the Designer Wraps orange stripe down each side, we thought the wheels needed a little colour. Before beginning, thoroughly wash the wheels with a waxless car wash, such as Meguiar’s Soft Wash.

STEP 03) Wipe away all traces of road grime and brake dust with Designer Wraps IPA and insert cards to shield tyres from overspray. These were sourced from a paint supply shop, however playing cards will do the job.

STEP 04) It’s imperative wheels are 100 per cent dry – use a heat gun if necessary. Vigorously shake can for one full minute and test spray to check pattern before attacking the wheel. Do not attempt full coverage on the first coat; it should be a medium, see-through coat.

STEP 05) Having given the first coat 10 minutes to dry, the second and third coats are laid down – all the while holding the can 25-30cm away from the surface and regularly shaking as you go. Nice even coverage will ensure a smooth, even, mottle-free finish.

STEP 06) On the fourth coat, we stood the wheels up (carefully, so the cards didn’t fall out) to get full coverage on all areas inside the spokes and rim along with a clean shot at the rim’s outer edge.

STEP 07) We let the wheels fully dry overnight and removed the cards the next morning. If any overspray has crept through the masking onto the tyre, rub it off with a damp cloth. For a neater job, note how the inside of the wheel and the tyre valve were also masked up.

STEP 08) After allowing to cure for 24 hours (it will continue to harden over the next few days), the wheels where carefully refitted and tightened with a thin-wall socket to avoid scarring the fresh wrap.

STEP 09) If you do damage the finish, it can be can touched up by spraying a small amount into the lid and applying to the damaged area with a clean finger. This only works on little nicks; if the damage is larger, the whole wheel should be resprayed.

STEP 10) With the wheels tightened to the manufacturer’s specs, the car was dropped off the jack stands allowing us to admire how good the wheels look and how well they complement the matching accent stripe.

STEP 11) The bonnet badge was also given the Designer Wraps Spray orange treatment, while black was used on the washer jets to make them blend in better with the satin black, wrapped bonnet.

STEP 12) Looking at the bonnet and overall image of the S15, notice how everything ties in nicely, ensuring this S15 stands out. Colour coding your wheels with Designer Wraps Spray can be completed in a weekend and offers dramatic yet affordable results.



What makes the Designer Wraps program unique is the Standard range of adhesive-backed vinyls are colour-matched to the Designer Wraps Spray range. Different colour-matched products provide an endless world of customising possibilities. Want your side mirrors to match your matte black wrapped roof? No problem! How about combining wheels finished in metallic dark grey Designer Wraps Spray with a bonnet or side accent stripe and badges? Easy to spray and an absolute breeze to remove, you will find a hundred uses for Designer Wraps Spray. Look for the full range in leading retailers early 2016, for more details: designerwraps.com.au






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