The People’s Champion – Nathan Borg’s ‘HRDWRK’

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Having swept all before him at Meguiar’s MotorEx Melbourne, Nathan Borg set his sights on taking out the biggest awards on offer at Summernats. When the House of Kolor Blue Blood 1977 Datto ute greeted spectators at the Meguiar’s Top 60 Show, Nathan had HRDWRK looking better than ever. His team had put a tonne of work into getting the Hot Wheels-styled pocket rocket looking a million dollars.


The Meguiar’s Judging Team also agreed, as the incredible ute picked up a total of 10 awards including Top Bodywork, Top Custom Interior, Top Standard Paint and Top Pro Street. With a 700hp turbo 13B rotary up front and a raft of hand-crafted panels, Nathan’s stunner was also a huge hit with spectators, as it scored the coveted Meguiar’s People’s Choice.



After picking up this award and snagging a spot in the Top 10, Nathan decided to go hard in the driving events in a bid to take out the big one; Street Machine Summernats Grand Champion. The nimble and feisty 1200 set the fastest slalom time and accrued the necessary points to secure the Champion’s sword.



“Taking out Meguiar’s People’s Choice and Grand Champion was a dream come true,” says Nathan. “Especially People’s Choice. After all, Summernats is a V8 event and I was blown away by all the really top-end, high-level V8 cars there. I wasn’t expecting too much at all.” Nonetheless, the diminutive Datto was extremely well received, with many spectators commenting on (and really appreciating) all the work and craftsmanship that has gone into it.


Nathan commented that it was the positive feedback the car received after debuting at Meguiar’s MotorEx Sydney in 2013 that motivated him to make the extra effort and even further refine the ute. To get HRDWRK to this level has been a 10-year labour of love, the last few years of which have been a major father/son project. “Dad [Paul] is still on cloud nine,” says Nathan. “In fact he still has the sword at his house. You couldn’t find a more proud dad.” Nathan also acknowledges the considerable assistance received from the rest of the family, especially his brother Mat, brother in-law Jason and wife Natalie. The full ‘Thank You’ list is literally a mile long and includes people like good mate and painter Roni Tarabay, along with Todd from Eastside Kustom Trim who was instrumental in getting HRDWRK’s interior up to standard.



So what’s next? “A lot of people are approaching me to take the car to various shows,” says Nathan. “However driving the car at Summernats and racing Daniel [Soulvleris, HJ Holden ute – KRANKI] was such a massive highlight for me. I just want to have fun with the car and drive it all the time now. So we’ll see.” Congratulations and good on you, Nathan, MotorActive cannot think of a better way to enjoy all your blood, sweat ’n’ tears.






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