Foreword by Bruce Morrison – Issue 13

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Welcome to issue 13 of FreeStyle Rides, brought to you by MotorActive. Those of you familiar with FreeStyle Rides will notice a few things different about the revamped magazine. Still as stunning as ever, FreeStyle Rides is now dedicated to celebrating the MotorActive Life – a genuine snapshot of all the cool things we get to do in and around the MotorActive business. Even if you don’t know MotorActive, you’ll know our brands; Meguiar’s, Liqui-Moly, ColorSpec, Designer Wraps, House of Kolor, MotorEx, Cruise for Charity, Love of Cars and of course FreeStyle Rides. While we feel that’s an impressive portfolio of well respected, premium-quality brands (which we’re constantly growing), MotorActive is a whole lot more. We’re all about the motoring enthusiast, our brands are specifically aimed at the motoring enthusiast and if it’s enthusiast related, there’s a good chance you’ll find us involved.

It’s MotorActive’s immersion into your world that we’ve captured within these pages. More so, it’s only a small cross-section, a highlights reel so to speak, as there are many other interesting things we do that we don’t have space to realistically cover in one magazine. On the topic of publishing, who puts out a printed mag when everything is going digital, I hear you ask. Glossy magazines that you can hold, turn the pages, feel the nice paper stock, leave on the coffee table or lend to a friend (just kidding) will always have a place in the motoring enthusiast world. It’s an experience that simply can’t be replicated on a computer screen or iPad. And given the wealth of diverse, entertaining and informative content, FreeStyle Rides is well-worth the $9.95 cover price. However here’s where things get a whole lot better. We’re making it free to our valued customers. Yes, free! With some conditions, of course. Copies will be added to the thousands of goodies bags distributed at the 300-plus car shows we support annually. We’ll comp you a copy with a product purchase at events we attend. You may even be able to pick up one through select retailers, as part of a sales promotion. One thing is for certain, you won’t find FreeStyle Rides in your local newsagents.

So let me tell you a bit more about the new FreeStyle Rides; it’s twice a year with a 25,000 print run. At some stage we may increase the run size or frequency, however it will always be a limited edition and undoubtedly a prized addition to any enthusiast’s magazine collection. One aspect I’m especially proud of is that we produce it in-house. Not many non-publishing businesses can pull that off and it gives the magazine a special degree of authenticity. We gave a lot of thought to what sort of articles our loyal customers would be interested in. The overriding goal was to create stories and imagery that wowed us and only include what we thought was truly worth sharing.

This issue’s standout feature is the supersized, 20-page extravaganza on Meguiar’s MotorEx. Being the show’s owner and promoter, you could forgive us for serving up such a comprehensive coverage. However it was our first year in Melbourne and it was an absolute blast, attracting way more unbelievable cars and exhibitors than could even be squeezed into double the number of pages. Another great story is the in-depth Design Hub interview with Richard Ferlazzo, Design Director of GM Holden and the man who brought us the awesome Efijy concept car featured on the cover. As a professional designer, Richard has some brilliant insights to help your next project become the car admired by everyone. We also share with you the time we spent with inter-national car designer and TV celebrity Chip Foose (above) on his recent visit down under. What a great guy!

Regular magazine readers will notice FreeStyle Rides is void of endless pages of unrelated ads. The few you’ll find exclusively cover MotorActive brands, so yes, we’re hoping you’ll buy more of the products and services we offer. We also promise to make the commercial stuff as interesting and as informative as possible. We’re pretty chuffed with the revamped FreeStyle Rides, however we’re really interested in your feedback. I’m not talking about letters to the editor for publication. I’m more interested in what you think of the content, what you’d like to see more or less of, and suggestions for future articles. Anything that you think would make FreeStyle Rides more awesome.

Email if you’ve got something constructive to say.

Your comments will come straight to me.

Bruce Morrison

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