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Often manufacture’s highly-priced, limited-edition models (as above) are often nothing more than a seat insignia, re-styled wheels along with a custom stripe or accent package. Sure it’s different from the other cookie cutter models in the car park, however it’s difficult to justify the thousands and thousands of extra dollars for such a modest array of options. Worse still, you soon realise Joe Blow down the street has the same Limited Edition as you! Don’t fret. Thanks to Designer Wraps, DesignLine Knifeless tape and a bit of inspiration, you can GET THE LOOK by adding your very own, one-off, custom stripe and accent package. Think about it, your own, personal factory special for a fraction of the price that will transform your ride into the envy of your friends.


The svelte design elements of the factory stripe on the Ferrari 458 Speciale were the inspiration behind the custom, dual-spire design that was utilised on this Mercedes C63

For most people, the hardest thing about designing killer stripes or accents is inspiration. Here’s where existing factory designs can be a great starting point. You can flat out copy your favourite, or use aspects of their core design to get those creative juices flowing. The internet is another great resource, with literally thousands of designs to inspire you. Typically, the best-looking designs follow the car’s natural body lines – complimenting them, rather than clashing with them.



Although very factory looking, these bonnet treatments are both completely custom. With just a bit of imagination, you too can create equally-authentic looking designs

Print a photo of your car and go to town with your crayons. Think laterally. As well as traditional mono-colour stripes and accents, two-tone designs can be achieved using the innovative DesignLine Knifeless tape (see Magic of Knifeless). Another key feature of Designer Wraps is its range of carbon fibre and brushed-metal textured finishes – try finding something like that on any of those premium-priced factory specials!

The addition of custom stripes and accents is a very practical project for competent DIYers thanks to the Designer Wraps’ unique, pressure-activated adhesive backing. It’s very forgiving, enabling the vinyl to be lifted and repositioned a number of times during application without issue – only taking full hold when firm pressure is applied. It’s also highly conformable so that it can follow complex curves, while its invisible air-release channels allows air bubbles to be squeegeed along the vinyl and out the edges – making wrinkles and bubbles a thing of the past. For more ideas and inspiration, along with a series of fun and informative how-to videos, head to and GET THE LOOK.




ATTAINING smooth flowing edges is the key to giving your custom-designed stripes that factory look – which is where DesignLine Knifeless tape comes into play. You lay the Knifeless tape down like masking tape (in straight lines or flowing curves) and apply Designer Wraps vinyl directly over the top. Then as the Knifeless tape’s polymer-kevlar filament core is extracted, it cuts up through the vinyl with a clean, sharp, accurate edge. DesignLine Knifeless can also be applied over Designer Wraps vinyl, enabling you to generate trend-setting two-tone configurations.

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