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There are few regular automotive events on the calendar with the uniting, magnetic drawing power of Cruise for Charity. Fewer still present such an overwhelmingly positive show of force, nor raise as much money for children doing it tough. Late each year, thousands of automotive-obsessed men and women get to work preparing their steeds for the big day. They toil and obsess over the smallest features, spending long nights in garages and workshops tinkering on their own cars and helping with others. They research, tune, test, repair, clean and polish, with each click of a socket wrench or rub of a chamois building anticipation towards their cars’ big day out.


As their preparations reach completion, they rise with their alarm clocks to perform the final checks and touches to their chariots. No detail goes unnoticed. They roll out to their respective meeting points in each state to rendezvous with fellow enthusiasts, to share in their passion and knowledge and to demonstrate their personal style. The groups then set out in convoy to each state’s show location. For many entrants, this is the highlight of the day, as important as the show at the end. There are few things more visually and aurally striking than a huge posse of tough cars thundering down the highway, and this what sets MotorEx Cruise for Charity apart from most other events. Thousands of cars, customised to suit their owners’ tastes and needs, command the attention of all they pass. Dedicated show cars cruise alongside purpose-built, fire-breathing muscle machines and deceptively-styled street sleepers. Factory specials and all manner of rare and exotic vehicles are sprinkled throughout, although the event is anything but elitist. Family-toting sedans and wagons are also encouraged to participate, thereby giving people new to the scene the opportunity to taste the modified car lifestyle and maybe return with something special of their own next time.


A key element of the Cruise is the promotion of safe driving, with organisers encouraging a significant police involvement. It’s not often that the custom car community gets to interact with the constabulary in such a relaxed environment. C4C shatters the hoon mythology that surrounds modified cars, instead showcasing the many positive aspects of our great culture to all the local communities the event touches. Cruise for Charity has been running in each state of Australia since 2004 and sets out to achieve two primary goals – celebrate Australian car culture, and to help make the life journeys of our less fortunate kids a bit easier, with the proceeds of the event donated to extremely worthy children’s charities. Each of the individual state organisers also engage with community groups and involve local services, charities, sporting clubs and businesses as much as possible.


MotorEx has been a major sponsor from the outset and took full control of Cruise for Charity on its 10th anniversary in 2013, seeking to fan the flames of passion surrounding the event and maintain its momentum. Over 4500 vehicles joined convoys in their respective states last year, raising a significant $183,000 for Camp Quality, which has been the sole beneficiary since 2012. Since the event’s inception in 2004, over $1.2 million has been delivered to selected children’s charities, with all proceeds selflessly donated by Cruise for Charity attendees and participants. With the first cruise set to rumble through Darwin in mid-September, 2014 will be no exception to the high standards set by previous years. The volume of participants is expect ed to grow, and the convoy’s numbers will be stronger and more diverse than any seen thus far. 2014 will also see the inclusion of new features and crowd pleasers that will continue to evolve the event into the future. The Liqui-Moly Hunt For Horsepower presented by Dyno Dynamics will see those in the power game chasing the big numbers, as they step up in each state for their moment of truth. Performance workshops across the country are seeking to put an end to Western Australia’s untouched winning streak, and to shatter the current record of 921hp. Spectators and participants will also be able to outbid one another in an auction for a passenger ride in one of Australia’s toughest and smokiest burnout cars!


The Liqui-Moly Hunt for Horsepower (brought to you by Dyno Dynamics) will be a major drawcard at NSW, Vic, WA, SA and Qld

This year’s cruises will kick off at a new time, four in the afternoon, to take advantage of the evening light with night-time entertainment boosted by live music. All the events are alcohol free and there is zero tolerance of hooning or other anti-social behaviour. No event runs free of costs. By depending on a dedicated team of volunteers, a handful of key personnel and valued co-sponsors, MotorEx keeps expenses to a minimum, guaranteeing the deserving children helped by Camp Quality receive the maximum benefit of every dollar raised.


And then there are the beautiful MotorEx girls to remind us that not everything in life revolves around cars

Cruise for Charity is the biggest motoring event of its kind in Australia and will only get bigger. It is a celebration of the enthusiast lifestyle pure and simple, with no agendas, no attitudes and new participants welcomed with open arms. 2014 promises to be a watershed year in terms of the number of events and entries, the amount of money raised for charity and most importantly, fun to be had. We’ll see you there!

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