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One of the keys to the popularity of Meguiar’s MotorEx is the broad diversity of machinery it attracts. Nowhere was this more obvious than on Saturday and Sunday’s Love of Cars Real Street Boulevard – the dedicated outdoor area set aside for streeters that see regular road miles.


The total number of car spaces is restricted to around 80, with alternate hosts putting together each day’s gathering. With different organisers, the roll-ups of cars were polar opposites. On Saturday, 100mm arranged predominantly late-model tuner cars. Then on Sunday, Alfa Fibreglass assembled a far more traditional array of chrome bumper machinery.


Given the quality of the vehicles inside the three main pavilions, it was understandable that spots in the outdoor Love of Cars Real Street Boulevard were highly sought after

Often such divergent groups are quite differently received, however they were equally admired by the MotorEx crowd, with both days having a great vibe about them and attracting a constant flow of appreciative spectator traffic. It’s the broad spectrum of motoring enthusiasts that Meguiar’s MotorEx attracts that allows the mixing of such different genres and has them so well received. Few events outside MotorEx are able to pull off such a feat, which really adds to its overall appeal.

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