Fast & Furious 5 Blacktown Drive In’s Cruise

by • May 2, 2011 • VideoComments (0)823

To celebrate the release of the next installment from the Fast and Furious franchise, ‘Sydney’s Biggest Car Cruises’ organised a dedicated movie night and show and shine at the Blacktown Drive-Inns for a special screening of ‘Fast and Furious 5’.

With the entire venue booked, the movie commenced at 8:30pm after the show and shine and award presentation. Gates opened at 6pm and the line-up of cars, that was backed up to the M4, made their way in.

With capacity normally being 800 cars, this event had such a huge response an extra 182 cars were allowed in, reaching the venues largest ever crowd of 982 cars! Unfortunately close to another 180 cars were turned away to the overwhelming success.

Overall, a great mix of street cars, show cars and even drift cars in attendance to enjoy a great night out sharing the passion of the Sydney car scene whilst watching one of the scenes cult flicks.

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