August 7, 2015 • 1318

‘Hand Maid’ Roadster by Mike Renfrey

If there was an award for the lowest, sleekest hot rod at MotorEx, Mike Renfrey’s ‘HAND MAID’ would have won it hands down. Loosely based on a ’33 Ford Roadster, Mike spent more than six years and 7000 hours in his home garage making this stunning all-steel roadster from scratch – and I mean from [&hellip...

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August 6, 2015 • 1310

Gerry Mediati’s 1969 Fiat Abarth Cabriolet

When the covers came of the latest creations during the FreeStyle Rides Inuguration at this year’s Meguiar’s MotorEx in Sydney, Gerry Mediati’s Abarth was hands down the most left-of-field machine ever unveiled in Australia – and quite possibly the world. The international Fiat 500 Club is 25,000 members strong and none of them...

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July 10, 2015 • 1238

Stormtrooper Volkswagen Touring Car

We know Volkswagen can build a winning WRC car out of the Polo. We also know the Beetle works well at rallycross. It’s time for the Golf to join the motorsport party. VW’s new race car is built to TCR touring car specifications. It’s a production-based racer with 330 hp, front-wheel drive and a six-speed DSG [&hellip...

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July 3, 2015 • 1737

Bathurst 12 Hour – Looking Back

Given the lead-up to the 2015 Liqui-Moly Bathurst 12-Hour, there was no doubt it was destined to be an epic battle that would be talked about for years to come. And even though it sported some of the world’s most desirable machinery piloted by some of the world’s best drivers, not even a Hollywood script [&hellip...

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July 14, 2015 • 1593

The Meguiar’s Top 60 at Summernats

MEGUIAR’S PAVILION The Meguiar’s Judging Pavilion is where you’ll find all the Summernats showstoppers. Being all about the discerning motoring enthusiast, Meguiar’s is across all facets of the show car side of Summernats, with the Meguiar’s Pavilion being the epicentre – it’s where you’ll find the best show cars Summernats has to...

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July 14, 2015 • 750

The Liqui-Moly Experience

Liqui-Moly is involved in various events around the world, however none is bigger than the Bathurst 12-Hour race. It’s a phenomenal event in every regard, with Liqui-Moly Australia (MotorActive) utilising this unique opportunity to give around 55 VIP guests the Liqui-Moly Experience. “My wife wasn’t a motor racing fan, but after...

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October 23, 2015 • 843

Spray your wheels to match your vinyl wrap

Designer Wraps has just raised the bar when it comes to vehicle customisation. Spraying your wheels to match your vinyl wrap is now made easy! The goal of Designer Wraps has always been about affordably and stylishly transforming your pride and joy from the ordinary into the extraordinary. Like us, you probably think factory is boring [&hellip...

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July 16, 2015 • 1106

Bentley GT3 Steering Wheel

DESPITE their production car heritage, modern GT3 racers are pure-bred racing machinery, an aspect that is graphically apparent when you look at their complex steering wheels. For example, the unique wheel in the current-spec Bentley Continental GT3 features no less than 18 controls. Developed by M-Sport, the controls have been deliberately...

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Savant Young's Mazda RX3 on Jay Leno's Garage

August 27, 2015 • 4724


Savant Young’s owns this tough little Mazda RX3 that made its way onto Jay Leno’s Garage. Young said that, as a boy his uncles would race RX-3’s on the streets of Compton in California, he liked how the rotors sounded and the fact that a tiny import could go up against and beat big American [&hellip...

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July 14, 2015 • 1319

Mike Lavallee Downunder

Mike Lavallee is a world renowned airbrush artist that is best known for his ‘Tru-Fire’ method of painting airbrushed flame. Early in 2015, Lavallee toured Australia running courses as part of his ‘Burn the World’ tour. At the Sydney leg (held at Advanced Airbrush in Penrith), House of Kolor Australia caught up with the God [&hellip...

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Nissan_Skyline_4_Door_2 Roll4life_01

August 27, 2015 • 588


After 36 hours of shooting this wide 34 rip it up non-stop and only 4 hours sleep, we’re sure you will agree this video that was produced by Solid Production is simply awesome. Sit back, turn up those speakers and take in all that RB goodness through the streets of Russia...

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May 27, 2015 • 797

The world debut of the BMW 3.0 CSL Hommage concept car

BMW has taken the wraps off a tribute to its legendary 3.0 CSL at the Concorso d’Eleganza Villa d’Este. The 3.0 CSL Hommage is an attempt to recreate the magic of the classic coupe using modern lightweight materials and some very un-1970s technology and styling. What do you think of this insane concept car? Click [&hellip...

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